Binomial Distribution Visualization

Enter whole number values in one or both of the following boxes to find probabilities of regions. THE MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE VALUE WOULD BE n AND THE MINIMUM IS ZERO. Only enter whole numbers (Successes)
Note that for regions with extremely large or small probabilities those probabilities may round to 1 or zero
The range of x-axis values on this plot may adjusted to less than the full distribution range when n > 10. Control that with the checkbox below.

Tools for Statistics Instruction using R and Shiny

Author: Bruce Dudek at the University at Albany.

Assistance In R coding was provided by Jason Bryer, University at Albany and Excelsior College.

The graph of the binomial distribution used in this application is based on a function originally created by Bret Larget of the University of Wisconsin and modified by B. Dudek.

Built using Shiny by Rstudio and R, the Statistical Programming Language.

Ver 1.6, Oct 9, 2017