Simulated Sampling Distributions

For the Normal Distribution Simulation, Mu is initially set at 100 and Sigma is initially set at 15, but the user can change these values.
For the Uniform Distribution Simulation, values range from 1 to 6, with a Mu of 3.5 and Sigma is 1.44
For the Exponential Distribution Simulation, the rate parameter is set to 1/10

Tools for Statistics Instruction using R and Shiny

Author: This app was originally built by Kyle Hardman at the University of Missouri. Hardman made the code available on his blog.

Modifications and extensions of its capabilities were produced by Bruce Dudek at the University at Albany and Jason Bryer at Excelsior College.

Built using Shiny by Rstudio and R, the Statistical Programming Language.

Ver 1.3, Oct 19, 2018