The data set and the models evaluated are those used by James Boswell in his APSY613 Multivariate Analysis class in the Psychology Department at the University at Albany. The data set is the WISC-R data set that the multivariate statistics textbook by the Tabachnick textbook (Tabachnick, Fidell, & Ullman, 2019) employs for confirmatory factor analysis illustration. The goal of this document is to outline rudiments of Confirmatory Factor Analysis strategies implmented with three different packages in R. The illustrations here attempt to match the approach taken by Boswell with SAS. The document is targeted to UAlbany graduate students who have already had instruction in R in their introducuctory statistics courses.

This book/monograph uses the bookdown package (Xie, 2018a) for R (R Core Team, 2018), which was built on top of rmarkdown (Allaire et al., 2018) and knitr (Xie, 2015). RStudio (RStudio Team, 2015) was used for all writing and programming.