This document can be a standalone “how-to” document for R users. However, it is primarily intended for students in the APSY510/511 statistics sequence at the University at Albany. It is a fairly thorough treatment of graphical and inferential evaluation of one-factor designs. It presumes prior background coverage of the ANOVA logic from standard textbooks such as Howell or Maxwell, Delaney and Kelley (2017). The analyses are intended to parallel and exhaust the methods already covered with SPSS, and to extend them to additional topics.

This book/monograph uses the bookdown package (Xie, 2018a) for R (R Core Team, 2018), which was built on top of rmarkdown (Allaire et al., 2018) and knitr (Xie, 2015). RStudio (RStudio Team, 2015) was used for all writing and R programming.